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Hyungjoong Kim at Louis Poulsen Seongsu

Hyungjoong Kim at Louis Poulsen Seongsu

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[Zenerative Drawings] by Hyungjoong Kim
Exhibited at Louis Poulsen Seongsu
2021. 3. 18 - 28

Berlin-based media artist Hyungjoong Kim presents [Zenerative Drawings], a series of abstract digital paintings created using still frames of video feedback loops.
Having explored the phenomenon in his earlier work, [A Printer] (2019), Hyungjoong Kim worked together with SOL MAGAZINE to expand upon the work.

A study of the ever-shifting forms of light emitted by video feedback loops, his drawings are aptly presented alongside Louis Poulsen, embodying the brand's philosophy of painting with light.

[Zenerative Drawings] was on display from March 18 to 28, 2021.

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